Media School

Dhaka    Tuesday, 18 January 2022

About Us

MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ is entirely an educational project. Its primary and sole purpose is to educate people mainly in different aspects of media, society, and culture, and their interactions. MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ aspires to create, increase and ensure more and better Media Literacy among people regardless of space and time. Although, the primary target audience of MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ is the university students mainly studying at relevant disciplines.

We believe that there is nothing more valuable than good education. It is because quality education can improve the quality of life and also, education can empower people and make a good change in everything, everywhere. And that is why education is a person’s right. With quality education, life can be understood in its fullest sense thus creating tolerance among people. And with tolerance in mind, people can live in harmony, with peace, and with mutual respect.

MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ has started its voyage with a keen vision to becoming a significant catalyst in this regard.