Media School

Dhaka    Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Modus Operandi


1. encourages anyone and everyone, to (create and) donate a content of one’s interest and expertise, and more importantly, relevant to the fundamental nature or area of its (MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ) concentration

2. the Founder, or the Co-Founder, however, is not personally responsible for any content created/donated by any other person and/or entity (contributor/donator)

3. by and large uses contents uniquely created for it; otherwise, MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ welcomes contents that were/are created for and used elsewhere IF any content donator finds it important to sharing with the readers of MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ but with appropriate acknowledgement to the original source(s) of that content(s)

4. will evaluate the merit of any content submitted for inclusion and/or edit it, if deemed necessary, before publishing it

5. will have full authority to select, cancel, or both regarding any content at any time without prior notice/informing the donator/creator of that content

6. believes in acknowledging the credits regarding its contents but MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ will have full authority to further use these contents in any form, and MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ will reserve the rights to choose giving credits for these elsewhere used contents

7. publishes contents on diverse issues and encourages varied opinions, however, the sole purpose of this is to encourage a democratic practice and to provide multiple perspectives of any issue discussed for a better and comprehensive understanding

8. is not responsible, accountable or liable for the opinions expressed in any content; the writer/creator/contributor/donator will bear sole liability for that particular content

9. encourages diversity in writing/creating/donating contents with varied perspectives, however, discourages any such opinions/statements/expressions having direct or indirect potential of creating any such agitation/motivation against any person, institution, community, race, gender, religion, caste etc. especially from personal or unjust grounds

10. does not encourage or approve or anyhow entertain contents having direct or indirect messages that goes against widely acknowledged norms, values, customs and laws of the society and the country nor does encourage or approve any content with message/statement against the state/government systems

11. does not expect or appreciate personal disputes over any content and/or opinion shared/expressed hereby

12. encourages ethical practices among its users (content writers/contributors and readers)

13. believes in a progressive, secular and democratic Bangladesh and values the spirit and legacy of the Liberation War of 1971 most

14. welcomes feedbacks regarding any content including suggestions for improvement and request for disposal, however, MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ preserves the rights to do any of that after thorough scrutiny

15. will reserve the rights to take any further decisions to revise its terms and conditions (as stated here in this section) and/or regarding MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ as a whole

And please let us all keep that always fresh in our minds that MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ is an educational initiative mostly carried out by voluntary contributions. Its sole purpose is to encourage and facilitate social, collective and ethical learning. So, let us keep MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ safe from any kind of personal dispute and/or abuse and let people best utilize it in their favor.

How to Become a Contributor

Anyone can become a contributor for MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ. To become a contributor, please make sure the following conditions:

1. You have read and understood all the clauses mentioned in the Modus Operandi section

2. You acknowledge and accept those conditions making sure that you agree to accept full liabilities of your content(s) including other terms and conditions

3. You agree to voluntarily contribute/donate content(s) to MEDIASCHOOL.XYZ thus do not expect/demand monetary and/or any such benefits in return


Founder: Sajeeb Sarker

Co-Founder: Nusrat Jahan

Chief Content Editor: Md. Jahangir Alam

Media Consultant: Majadul Haque Tanvir